We manufacture made-to-order coils and motors.

Highly skilled in the design and production of coil manufacturing equipment.

  • We independently administer processing, fine adjustments and reprocessing for jigs and tools.
  • We can automate the production process after understanding the customer's needs because we design and manufacture the machinery.
  • We oversee the entire process from wire winding to inspection.

With our proven skills and ample facilities:

  1. We produce 400 prototype coils per year.
  2. We conduct coil production in small and large quantities while responding to a variety of requests from customers.
  3. We meet customer's requests for large-quantity orders, such as mass production or cost-effective production, through our factory in Thailand.
  4. Our office and factory are adjacent, ensuring a prompt response. We aim to meet requests for fast delivery.
  5. We not only manufacture coils for special applications, but also unique products such as a new motor.

Contact us to receive a quote. As proud engineers, we manufacture products to meet diverse needs by leveraging our experience and innovation. Trust our craftsmanship and expertise in designing of machinery, electric machinery, circuits and control programming.

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We can produce coils and motors that no one has ever made

Coil products with a super lamination factor

“Rectangular wires are hard to wind,” “What is edgewise winding?” Many coil products resolving these worries and questions are available now! Quality products manufactured by winding machines of our unique design and manufacture can be delivered across the globe.

What is an edgewise coil?

What is an edgewise coil? What is an edgewise coil? What is an edgewise coil? Edgewise coil is a generic name for a coil wound on the edge in a hard-to-bend direction. Flatwise coils (flat winding) are, on the contrary, coils wound on the flat side in an easier-to-bend direction. Incidentally, streamline wire refers to a rectangular wire with a relatively small (fine and thin) cross section.

What is an edgewise coil?
Tight winding ? a solution to the edgewise inherent winding problem of the number of turns being limited due to bulging of a mid-section.

We have established a simple peeling process for the hither to hard-to-peel AIW (polyamideimide copper wire) and PI (polymide copper wire).

We have established a simple peeling process for the hitherto hard-to-peel AIW (polyamideimide copper wire) and PI (polyimide copper wire). We have established a simple peeling process for the hitherto hard-to-peel AIW (polyamideimide copper wire) and PI (polyimide copper wire). Difficult peeling work is now made easy for AIW and PI, which used to be peeled off by heated chemicals or mechanical methods. The end surface is also peeled completely. Round wires are possible too. Peeling time is also instantaneous (a few seconds). Peeling allowance can be precisely controlled in increments of 0.1 mm. Please consult with us for the process and technology.

We solve your problems with our rectangular coil

We solve your problems with our rectangular coil

Please contact us if you want to distinguish yourself from the rest of the field in coils and winding wires. Our specialty is rectangular coils. Rectangular coils have been said to be high in cost and long in delivery. And on top of it all ? they are hard to wind. You may have become so accustomed to round coils that the cost and delivery problems were enough to discourage your using rectangular coils. Their use is now limited to some special applications.

If the winding of a rectangular coil is no longer an issue, however, it should greatly contribute to the improvement of the lamination factor. Circular edgewise coils are used for transformers, reactors and the like in recent years, because the improved lamination factor enables the downsizing of equipment. Furthermore, there are the benefits of putting its heat dissipation and skin effect to good use.

Rectangular wires for motors and generators

We have now come to the crux of the issue. The above-mentioned benefits will have much impact on motors and generators, which require more complicated winding wires. In fact, it is motors and generators that need to improve the lamination factor by using rectangular wires. It is a pity that the opportunity of using this tremendous benefit is missed.

An improved lamination factor for higher performance is required for overcoming the difficult situation in acquiring material resources due to the recent increase of material cost coupled with the dependence on imports from foreign countries.

The lamination factor is very important for equipment. The core of equipment can be made smaller if the lamination factor improves 20%. Motors and generators are round-shaped and the reduced shape from downsizing makes it possible to further reduce their weight.

We solve your problems

Now this is where we step in to help. The coil products introduced here are only made possible by expertise backed by our rich experiences in mechanical design and manufacturing, further enforced by our parallel developments of wire winding machines and a winding jig. Realization of new coil manufacturing coupled with effective winding methods ? this enables us to produce quality coils.

Contact us now with any requests or orders, such as: filling a space with full of copper; increasing the number of turns in a limited space; or passing more electrical current through a space. Why not work together to find the best solution?

or more information, please contact

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