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We communicate to ensure your product
will be made to your specifications

Do you know how to prevent after-sales troubles?

Have you ever experienced troubles after delivery of coils or motors?

The laminating factor was not as good as you expected!
Your order was rejected due to the specifications
being too difficult!
The product was not what you imagined!

We have often heard these sort of complaints.


Troubles may be attributable to insufficient capability on the part of designer and manufacturer, but we consider the root cause to be the lack of communication with the contact person. A major cause is the lack of communication in accurately grasping the customer’s needs.

We place importance on communication.
You will be free from errors and troubles

Do you know how to prevent after-sales troubles?

Uratani Engineering puts utmost importance on communication with customers to ensure that they receive what they wanted. We communicate through hearings and discussions to grasp the situation accurately before starting our design and manufacture of coils and motors.


Repeated listening, talking, and compromising with each other will lead us to the product that is really needed. We never start manufacturing unless we fully understand customer’s needs. Uratani Engineering is not a group of mere salesmen or engineers but wants to be a long-lasting partner.

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