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The technical Capability of Uratani Engineering

Is your coil made as you requested?Is it made exactly according the drawing?

Is your coil made as you requested?
Is it made exactly according the drawing?

Manufacturing products just as the customer requested ? This is a fundamental practice and a rule for professionals. There are many cases, however, where problems exist in the poor finish of details, stretched points, or overall quality problems. Are you not compromising there? Are you not giving up and saying "there's no suppliers who can meet our drawing precisely"?

Our quality comes from our pride as engineers


We have built our history as specialist engineers, drawing plans for coils and machinery including coil manufacturing equipment (winding machines) for over 15 years and specializing in coils for 7 years. We take pride in our number one ability in Japan for designing and manufacturing coils. One continuous operation from drawing plans to their manufacturing ? this is our technical feature as well as our particularity.


Among many coil manufacturers who draw plans and outsource manufacturing to subcontract factories, from our establishment we have stubbornly adhered to making sure of meeting customer's needs, drawing plans and manufacturing. "We cannot" is our last resort as a group of engineers ? it is in this spirit that we keep providing customers with satisfactory products after strenuous efforts of researching ways and solving problems to say "Yes, we can."

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