Do you accept small orders for coil, like an order for only one piece?
Yes, we do. We respond to various requests for production from small quantities to large quantities.
Is it possible to have a coil made exactly according to our sample?
If relevant data or an actual sample is provided, we can analyze it to manufacture according to your request.
Are there any standard products? Do you have a product catalog?
We do not manufacture any standard products but manufacture from scratch according to a customer’s specification. That is why we have no catalog. Please see our Product List on this website for a quick view of a part of our products.
Is it possible to change the material and/or shape of the product of the Product List?
Yes, it is possible. However, we may have to discuss with you in case material or shape is special, or output is limited.
What is your delivery time?
Please consider 15 to 20 days as a normal lead time. We can respond to orders promptly as our factory is situated adjacent to the office. We will spare no efforts in meeting your delivery requirements.
What is necessary for requesting a quotation?
Please provide us with drawings or detailed specifications, and usage, condition, etc. If information is not sufficient, we may propose multiple products for you to choose from.
What will be the lead time for a quotation?
In several hours at the shortest and in one business day at the longest. Please request a quotation; we assure you of our prompt attention.
When shifting to mass production, will only coils be supplied?
If requested, we can launch mass production and then provide you with the relevant facilities along with technology (including patent) thereof.

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