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  • URATANI ENGINEERING is a specialist in the production of made-to-order coils, from prototype design through to mass production

    Our strength lies in our ability to prototype and mass product coils suited to all manner of products.
    URATANI ENGINEERING has amassed a track record of delivering around 400 coil prototypes annually.
    We also respond to customer feedback, such as “can you make this kind of coil?” and accept various requests for coil production from single pieces to mass production runs.
    In addition, the design and production of machinery is also carried out in-house, once we understand what the customer needs, we can also “Customize” the production process.

  • URATANI ENGINEERING is a specialist in the production of made-to-order coils, from prototype design through to mass

Our Coil Products

Our Coil Products

  • edgewise coil

    An edgewise coil is a type of coil that uses flat wire that is wound around its edge (the shortest side) in the hard-to-bend direction.

    Edgewise coils are generally more difficult to produce and involve greater costs and delivery lead times.

    By utilizing 3D CAD and winding machines that have been developed in-house, URATANI ENGINEERING is able to propose and manufacture high-precision edgewise coils at low cost and with short delivery lead times.

    Edgewise coil

  • Edgewise coils

    Edgewise coils

    Edgewise coils

Various coil products

Utilizing the extensive experience and expertise we have cultivated over the years, we can suggest coils and motors that suit the products handled by customers.
This section showcases some of the coils URATANI ENGINEERING has manufactured to date.

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  • Examples of solutions to customer

    The coil and motor-related issues we field from customers vary widely from industry to industry.Using the expertise we have refined over the years, we propose coils that are best suited to addressing customers’ issues.This section showcases some of the solutions URATANI ENGINEERING has developed to deal with actual issues.

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  • Our Production Equipment

  • Our Production Equipment

    To provide coils that cater to all manner of customer requests, URATANI ENGINEERING has introduced a wide range of production equipment.This section introduces some of the equipment URATANI ENGINEERING has installed, as well as production equipment that we have developed in-house to date.We use these devices to give shape to customers’ requests.

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The Strengths of
deliveries of

URATANI ENGINEERING possesses a track record in coil manufacturing that goes back many years and proprietary expertise in the field. We are proud to be the best in Japan in coil design and manufacturing.
We are the choice of many customers because we consistently develop proposals that meet their needs.


make ideas “doable” on our own
We are confident in our successful prototype delivery rate of 98%.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to view the website of URATANI ENGINEERING.URATANI ENGINEERING is a company that places the utmost priority on communication with customers, and manufactures a wide variety of made-to-order coils, motors and other products to meet customer specifications.We possess unique expertise based on a long-running track record in coil manufacturing, and produce 400 prototypes annually.

Customers can also entrust us with developing proposals that will meet their requirements, even in the design and manufacturing of coils that involve high levels of difficulty that other companies would refuse to work on.

Conventionally used round wire coils are easy to manufacture, but they tend to waste space and are difficult to make more compact.At URATANI ENGINEERING, we manufacture edgewise coils using flat wire in order to give shape to what our customers request.