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Delivery record and voices from our customers

Uratani Engineering has been able to develop business with many customers since its establishment, thanks to encouragement and support of our customers. Taking pride in our engineering expertise, we will further strive for new ideas and technologies to share with our valued customers. Your continued support will be highly appreciated.

Delivery record

Delivery record

The following are our customers. You will see that our supply ranges from SMEs to major companies, demonstrating a wide range of patronage. Please take advantage of our experiences and contact us now.

Ohashi Technical, Inc. KYOCERA Corporation
Bridgestone Corporation NICHICON Corporation
KEYENCE Corporation FUJITSU Limited
Hyundai Motor Company Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Ohkuma Engineering Limited. Ritsumeikan University
Techno Associe Co., Ltd. Sankyo Co., Ltd.
Tsuji Electric Industries Co., Ltd. Panasonic Corporation
SATO Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Mostec Co., Ltd. Plus Giken Co., Ltd.
Forti Co., Ltd. ROHM Co., Ltd.

MEIDENSHA Corporation

NIDEC SERVO Corporation
Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. SoftBank Mobile Corp.
i-PEC Co., Ltd. Canon Inc.
IAI Corporation Toko Electric Co., Ltd.
KODENSHI Corporation USHIO Inc.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Kyoto University
Komatsu Ltd. Kuroi Electric Co., Ltd.
OMRON Corporation Tokyo University
Kansai University Tohoku University
Yokohama National University Railway Technical Research Institute
National Institute for Materials Science

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Voices from our customers

Company A


We have dealt with Uratani for about three years now. We have been impressed with their stable high quality all along and regard them as a true engineering company. We have dealt with many others before, but none of them could ever equal the quality level offered by Uratani. We have full confidence in Uratani and would like to further enjoy the relationship with them.

Company B

We were introduced to Uratani by our old acquaintance and placed order with them without knowing too much about coils. They were kind enough to respond to even our more impertinent questions. We could feel their enthusiasm in the pursuit of ideal coils. They gave us three options to choose from for our coil application along with full explanations. We appreciate their help.

Company C


Thank you for helping us. We contacted you after having seen your website. We asked for a lead time of only 10 days, which we now consider outrageous, but you somehow managed it in 10 days. We call it a professional job. If anything new comes up, we are certain to contact you for help.

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