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Acceptance of the first prototype

We assure high precision prototypes with strict adherence to delivery commitments. We declare that we will pursue a professional job by supplying prototypes made to customer’s exact requirements. It is our rich experiences and superb technology that back our performance. Please place your order with us by all means.

Reason for 98% first prototype success rate


Our forte is a high proposal capability. Not to mention meeting customer's requests, even difficult cases of reproduction are challenged through repeated proposals and a product is eventually supplied meeting the specification as much as possible.


Can you make this sort of coil?

Can you manufacture exactly according to this drawing?


For these kinds of requests, we give multiple proposals of our own. Our proposal is made upon thorough communication with customer and comprehensive simulations such as of the quality required by the customer, priority matters, and specifications to suit the application.


In case we cannot fully meet customer's demand, we will submit an alternative proposal closest to the demand with full explanation of merits, demerits, and cautions on the usage and the like. Our support will continue until the satisfaction of the customer is achieved.

Reason for 98% first prototype success rate

We manufacture precision prototypes backed by our communication with customers and proposal capability to meet the customer's demand.

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